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Real Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch DiagramThe term is quite simply explained as the measurement between the groups of LED's which make up one pixel.

These are typically in groups of 1x Red LED, 1x Green LED, 1x Blue LED or ( 1R1G1B ).

Sometimes there maybe four LED's to form one pixel, with the addition of another Red or Green LED, but this is less common these days.

Virtual Pixel Pitch

Virtual Pixel Pitch DiagramHere's where it starts to get a bit more complicated, with virtual pixel pitch through the aid of some very clever technology, one pixel is able to share individual LED's with its neighbouring pixel, with the effect that it doubles the screens effective resolution.

Typically you will find a Virtual LED Screen will have 4x LEDs' per pixel, comprising of 2x Red LED, 1x Green LED, & 1x Blue LED or 2R1G1B.

There are some trade-offs with technology as with everything, but it is good technolgy that works particually well on smaller displays such as our Vision 4 Screens.