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LED Screen and Sign Rental Will Transform Your Outdoor Advertising

The growth in the use of digital LED screens represents a significant development in the field of outdoor advertising. Currently it is still a new concept for many businesses, so it cannot be said as yet to have overtaken traditional static hoardings as the most popular advertising method. However, with the degree of interest being shown in LED screen and sign rental, the indications are strong that in the foreseeable future it will be seen as the number one way for businesses to market their products and services.

LED Screen Rental

In fact, LED screens are not necessarily seen as a replacement for the traditional static billboard -- they have a different function. Static advertising is fine when you want a long-term presence, to keep your brand in the consumer's mind. An LED screen can provide an immediate message -- for instance when you want to advertise the opening of a new business-- or a message you want to change frequently, like a sale or retail offer.

For these purposes, the advantages of LED advertising are immense. Changing the display on a hoarding requires a crew of people with ladders to climb up, remove the old Vinyl Banner, and laboriously fit a new one. The display on the LED screen can be changed instantly, just by the click of a mouse.

Indeed, anyone who has already tried LED outdoor advertising is quickly persuaded of its power. Passersby soon become so used to static billboards that they scarcely notice them any more. The modern LED billboard displays are in full colour, with a smooth, clear and high-definition picture and high contrast image. They not only catch attention with constantly changing messages, but have the potential to use video and flash animation from advertisers' websites. In addition they are, of course, as easy to view at night as during the day, so ads have 24-hour exposure. With their low energy consumption this makes them extremely cost-effective.

A huge benefit of LED screen rental is the potential to place the screens in all sorts of strategic locations where larger traditional billboards could never be used. For instance, you could place one right outside your business, to show a slide show about a specific product or promotion, for customers to see as they are about to enter. There are few better ways to build up last-minute momentum for shopping. They can also be used successfully at the entrances to busy shopping centres and malls, where businesses located in the malls can rent advertising space.

Busy traffic bottlenecks which are all too common these days become an ideal opportunity to advertise your business or service, Drivers get very bored with looking at the other cars around them, and are drawn to the eye catching attention grabbing content on the screen. The fact is that LED billboards are transforming the way outdoor advertising is done. Their powerful marketing potential and their versatility make them a medium with particular cost-benefit advantages for small businesses. LED screen and sign rental enables you both to beat the competition, and to see an almost immediate return on your outlay.

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