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Promoting an upcoming event via TV advertising for example is becoming less and less relevant with the advent of pay TV and the proliferation of Free to Air Channels. To try and get a voice among this noise would be cost prohibitive for most businesses or organisations today. Mobile LED screens and signs are a great alternative solution, that may help you to save the day for your next event. Spending money on the 'old' forms of advertising that just don't get the results they used to, makes the job of organising an event a nightmare.

LED screen and sign rental has been proven to get the word out in an incredibly cost effective way. These days where everyones budget is increasingly coming under pressure, it is great to find a medium that delivers and won't break the bank.

When promoting your event you can effectively build urgency and excitement by being creative with your messages', you can be generating interest in your event right thru the event itself with the effective use of countdown type messages' i.e. "1 Day to go"

If you have many events coming up in the near future and, you want to use LED screens to ensure that you are able to spread your message in a way that people will notice. Even if you have never used mobile LED Signs before, the time is now to experience all that they have to offer.

Allocating some of your advertising and marketing budget to large format outdoor LED screen and sign hire is a great investment. One of the biggest problems that organisers have when allocating funds for event promotion is attracting a big enough audience within the time-frame of the campaign. Mobile LED screens will be working for you 24-7 during the lead up, not only attracting the attention of peak hour traffic, but passing car and foot traffic at all hours of the day.

Mobile LED ScreensWhat could you advertise with a mobile LED screen?

  • Sporting event
  • Product Launch
  • Sales
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Fishing competition's
  • School Enrolment
  • Church fête
  • Art Expo's
  • Circus
  • School athletics
  • Any application where effective eye catching communication is the goal

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