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The reason for the existence of any business is to attract and retain customers, make sales and generate an acceptable return to the owner; needless to say this all starts with being top of mind & relevant within your market. In order for any business to make an impact and attract customers it has to make itself known and the crux of making this happen is thru effective Advertising.

The advertising industry has come a long way over the years. Currently, LED Screens and Signs are becoming more and more popular. They are poping up pretty much everywhere you go in any city around the country and indeed the world. Businesses all over Australia are discovering just how effective advertising dollars spent on large format Outdoor LED Screens and Signs can be.

There are many reasons why you should make use of mobile LED Screens and Signs; variable message sign hire services and the like, to kick start your outdoor advertising adventure. First and foremost is the issue of capturing attention in a busy space, which is really what advertising is all about. LED advertising by design is attention grabbing and pleasing to the eye, and therefore much more likely to be taken notice of, than other more one dimensional mediums. With attention captured these messages sink in to the constiosness.

When you think about the likes of print advertising one thing is for certain; everything about your advertisement needs to be perfect if your campaign is to be a success.


If you have even a tiny mistake in the ad and it proceeds to print, not only is it a wasted opportunity but it can generate significant ill will when the exact oposite was intended. The worst thing is that in order to correct mistakes on such ads, you have to pull them entirely or print a retraction; this costs money and wastes time.

Thats where LED Screens and Signs are different, you. LED advertising allows corrections to be made instantly if a mistake is detected without having to pull out the whole advertisement; you simply edit and repost it.

If you are looking to make an impact on your target market then LED Screens and Signs are the answer. If you are searching for a company offering LED Screen and Sign Hire and Variable Message technology then you need look no further than Impact LED Screen Hire. Our company understands the LED Screen advertising industry in Australia and you can besure that we will get your business the exposure that you are looking for. To get started on your marketing future, contact us today on 1300 839 688