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Impact LED Screen & Sign Hire is a custom made mobile LED display system that uses the latest state of the art video delivery technology to place your message where it matters.

Female Entertainer on LED Screen

Heres how it works:

  • You ring for an obligation Free Quote
  • On agreement, we book the appropriate number of Screens for your project.
  • Advise what display method is required i.e Video, Fixed Slide images, DVD, Digital TV etc.
  • We build the necessary artwork thru one of our Impact LED Graphic Designers & have it approved by you.
  • The units are delivered to your premises and setup.
  • The presentation is loaded on delivery of the Screens or remotely from our office.
  • Any changes to artwork can be remotely uploaded within minutes from our office.

The incredible development of LED technology in recent years has allowed the use of digital information to be displayed very effectively on both indoor and outdoor LED screens & signs. The information can be updated quickly, by remote from our office allowing for up to the minute messages' or advertisements' to be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With our LED screens unique LED shader technology, the picture is even fabulous in direct sunlight.

LED Technology

Our new state of the art trailer mounted LED screens offer fast efficient set up and are towed to your location behind one of our tow vehicles', where they are deployed either by hydraulics or by a winch in the case of smaller screen sizes. Often the set-up is completed within 30 minutes, minimising disruption to your business or event.

Utilising the latest LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, our screens can produce and incredible 68 billion colour combinations, with fantastic grey scale variation and up to 8,000 nits of brightness. All this technology works to produce vivid life like colour for whatever event you wish to use the screens or signs for. With an ideal viewing distance of greater than 10 meters these screens are ideal for groups of anywhere from 1 to 350 people and are sure to get, grab and hold attention. We can provide multiple screens for both inside and outdoor use.

Phone or use our contact page to enquire or to book your dates so we can make your next event a special event.