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The Big Gay Day PosterWhether your festival is large or small, we can help.

We have a number of screen options to suit a festival format, from the Vision 4 screens, with their super high resolution clarity, ideal for around festival venue applications such as thanking sponsors and supporters, or taking in a direct feed to display all the live action. Through to our large Vision 7 screens with their super tight P10 Pixel Resolution, which are fantastic at getting the festival goer closer to the action.

All our Vision 7 screens have on board processors, that can handle direct TV feeds in a variety of formats such as HD- SDI or Composite, and can also display DVD or digital TV.

We have taken the time to research the very best of the technology currently available to bring the most life like images to your avid festival goer.

We have previously partnered on larger projects with companies able to stream your Festival live to the internet so that you have a potential world wide audience.

Big Gay Day